Company history

The history of the family company “BARTNIK KUJAWSKI” dates back to the year 1955.

Witold Strzeszewski – an eminent zootechnician, and privately my grandfather – was granted an engineer’s and later master’s degree, with ”beekeeping” specialty. At that time, he chose the way of closeness to nature and animals.

In the year 1959 two first beehives called ”Wielkopolska long box” were populated. These beehives are still used in one of our apiaries.

Originally, the beehives were located in Grabowo, near Bydgoszcz. It was there, in the Veterinary Institute Agricultural Research Department, that his adventure with bees and honey started for good.

In the year 1970, in Szymborno, in German Einheit type bee hives, the first commodity apiary was established, which numbered 50 bee families.


The year 1980 was marked by a visit at a Bulgarian beekeeper.

In 1992, the apiary was moved to Kozielec, where an Agricultural-Apiary Farm was established. The farm included 50 bee families in stationary beehives and an apiary pavilion for migratory beekeeping, with 46 bee families.

The year 1996 marked the beginning of packaging honey into jars. At that time, it was necessary to extend the apiary. It was done in 1998 in Grocholin. The apiary there gained additional 47 bee families.

My grandfather was always looking for innovations. In 2000, he established co-operation with the Academy of Technology and Agriculture in Bydgoszcz. In 2002, the research on honey powder was finished. This product is still on the company’s offer.

After 2002, my grandfather implanted the passion for bees and bee products in his grandchildren.

Each of us became an active part of the beehive work and development of the apiary. Thanks to the joint trips to the apiary and the knowledge acquired from grandfather we familiarised ourselves with nature.

Infected with the grandfather’s passion, along with my brother, I decided to establish a company purchasing and selling honey. In 2012, we attended a course completed with a state examination and a qualified beekeeper title. In the same year, I graduated from the University of Technology and Natural Sciences in Bydgoszcz, Faculty of Chemical Technology and Engineering, with specialisation in Chemical Process Technology. Several months later, another apiary was opened in Suponin near Bydgoszcz, with 55 bee families.

Currently, the company is located in Maksymilianowo, where honey is packaged. Here, variety honey is poured into containers and bee products are purchased.

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